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Blocks compatible with the MultiTherm Shaker

Item Sku. Description:
BMS:H5000-02 Block, 96 x 0.2ml or 1 x PCR plate
BMS:H5000-05 Block, 54 x 0.5ml
BMS:H5000-CMB Block, combination, 15x0.5ml & 20 x 1.5ml
BMS:H5000-15 Block, 35 x 1.5ml
BMS:H5000-20 Block, 35 x 2.0ml
BMS:H5000-12* Block, 24 x 12mm (Max. speed: 1200 rpm)
BMS:H5000-150* Block, 12 x 15ml (Max speed: 750 rpm)
BMS:H5000-500* Block, 6 x 50ml (Max. Speed: 750 rpm)
BMS:H5000-MP Block, 1 x microplate (Ambient -10° to 80°C)**
BMS:H5000-DWMP Block, 1 x microplate, deepwell (Ambient -10° to 80°C)**
BMS:H5000-WB* Block, multipurpose for water, beads, etc. (4x2.6x1")
BMS:H5000-1232 Block, 24 x 2ml AutoSample (HPLC) vials (12x32mm)
BMS:H5000-025 Block, 48 x 250ul vial insert (6x30mm)

* The larger mass of these blocks result in a temperature range of Ambient -10° to 100°C for the MultiTherm Shaker with cooling.

** Temperatures lower than 5°C above ambient are only achievable when using the MultiTherm Shaker with cooling.


If I want to incubate and shake regular depth microplates in addition to deep well microplates, could I just use the BMS:H5000-DWMP deep well microplate block for both?

The standard depth plates will fit in the deep well plate block and the heat transfer should be fine, however the standard plate will sit low within the walls of the block and could be difficult to remove. We therefore recommend using the BMS:H5000-MP for standard plates and BMS:H5000-DWMP for deep well plates only.


What kinds of 2.0 ml tubes does the 35 x 2.0ml block (H5000-20) accommodate?

The 35 x 2.0ml block is meant to accommodate 2.0 ml conical-bottom snap-cap centrifuge tubes, such as the one shown below on the left. 2.0 ml screw-cap tubes, such as the one shown below on the right, will also fit but only without the lid of the block attached. 2.0 ml skirted screw cap tubed will also fit with the lid off, but heat transfer will be affected as it will reduce the surface area of the tube in contact with the block.


If we want to use both 1.5 and 2.0 ml centrifuge tubes, would the 35 x 1.5ml block or the 35 x 2.0ml block work for both?

Kind of, but it's not recommended. 1.5 ml centrifuge tubes will fit inside the holes for the 2.0 ml block, but they will not fit snugly. This has two negative consequences: 1) Heat transfer is diminished, and 2) The tubes will move around in the well while being shaken, which could hinder efficient mixing. If you want to achieve good performance in terms of both mixing and heat transfer, we recommend getting the 35 x 1.5ml (H5000-15) block for 1.5 ml centrifuge tubes.


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