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Featured Lab Incubators

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    Dual-convection technology up to 75°C, SureCheck™ data logging in 40L, 70L, & 130L
    $1,395 USD   from   $1,295 USD
  • On sale
    IR sensor, heated doors, alarms, glass viewing door, up to 60ºC, CO2 Range 0-20%, stackable
    $6,304 USD   from   $5,531 USD
  • On sale
    0°C to 60°C incubation by noiseless compressor cooling system 5.3 to 8.5 cu ft.
    $4,310 USD   from   $4,182 USD
  • On sale
    Monitors & displays temp in real time up to 60°C with internal outlet and refrigeration option
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    $459 USD   from   $391 USD

    New Lab Incubators

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    Microplate ready, optional blocks accommodate micro-tubes, centrifuge tubes, vials or culture tubes
    $4,716 USD   $4,009 USD
  • On sale
    Heats up to 65°C with a small 3mm orbit and shaking speeds up to 1200 rpm.
    $3,830 USD   $3,256 USD
  • On sale
    Designed for clean and controlled environmental tests 30 to 95% RH -35 to 100°C
    $56,450 USD   $53,629 USD
  • On sale
    Stability Test Chamber for carrying out long-term stability tests 30 to 95% RH 0 to 120°C
    $24,632 USD   from   $23,338 USD