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New Lab Incubators

  • On sale
    Stackable for high throughput, heat or cool, precise uniformity, and MAGic-Clamp™ compatible
    $9,995 USD   from   $8,497 USD
  • No sale
    Refrigerate, Incubate, Rotate, Rock, Stir all in one compact unit. 1-35 RPM, 4-75°C
      $6,874 USD
  • No sale
    Heat, rotate, rock, and shake all in one compact unit. 3-35 RPM, 28-75°C
      $4,561 USD
  • On sale
    Exceptional uniformity, 19mm or 25mm orbit, 35 or 50 lbs capacity, Ambient +5°C or -15°C, up to 65°C
    $4,430 USD   from   $4,209 USD