SHEL LAB SCO Decontamination CO2 Incubator

Category CO2 Incubators
Manufacturer Sheldon Manufacturing
Country of manufacture the United States of America
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The SHEL LAB SCO6AD is designed to stop microbial contamination caused by mycetozoa, yeast, viruses, and bacteria and the range of other microorganisms that thrive in incubator environments.

The SCO6AD features a dry heat decontamination cycle, that maintains 180°C for 120 minutes. This industry best time and temperature relationship satisfies all global standards for decontamination. This is decontamination at its fastest easiest and most effective - it is not necessary to remove the IR CO2 sensor prior to activating the decontamination process and we feature the shortest cycle time on the market. This is a more convenient approach and eliminates potential damage to the sensitive IR sensor. Other features of the SCO6AD include a USB interface for software communication, precise temperature control microprocessor and an independent over temperature safety controller

Model SCO6AD features the ultimate in contamination control. This unit is ideal for cell culture labs where contamination can result in significant losses of both time and money.  Plus, the overall decontamination cycle (heat up to cool down) is the fastest on the market, so users will have minimal downtime on their SCO6AD. In addition, there is no need to remove sensitive components prior to running the decontamination cycle.


  • Infrared (IR) CO2_Sensor is extremely quick to recover CO2 levels after door openings and ensures superior pH stability.
  • Unique air jacket design provides excellent temperature uniformity of +/-0.25°C at 37°C.
  • Humidity levels maintained through evaporation of up to 95%
  • Data logging capabilities
  • Designed to minimize contamination; includes:
  • The fastest high heat decontamination cycle on the market without having to remove critical components
  • Heated door to ensure superior temperature uniformity and also reduce the potential for condensation to form on the inner glass door
  • Durable stainless steel chamber with coved corners for easy cleaning
  • Exclusive heated copper CO2 inlet not only promotes temperature uniformity but also prevents moisture from being introduced into the chamber
  • Copper shelving option
  • Autoclavable shelving system
  • Overtemperature Alarm
  • Access Port:1.5 inches
  • CO2 Range:0-20%
  • Temperature Uniformity:+/- 0.25ºC at 37ºC
  • Temperature Range:Ambient +5ºC to 50ºC
  • Industry best warranty – 5 years parts and labor in the USA, 7 years on the IR sensor
Key Attributes
Cu ft. 5.9
Max Temp 50°C
Min Temp Ambient +5°C
Temp Uniformity ± 0.25°C
Interior Outlets No
Alarms Yes
Datalogging Capable Yes
Warranty (years) 5
Site Floor
Weight (lbs) 136
Manufacturer Specifications
Incubators, Infrared (IR) CO2 Sensor Details SCO6AD
Exterior Dimensions (wxdxh) Inches 28.8 x 30.3 x 39.3
Chamber Dimensions (wxdxh) Inches 20.2 x 20.0 x 25.5
Incubator Chamber Capacity cu ft 5.9
L 167
CO2 Range % 0-20%
CO2 Sensor Accuracy at 5% +/-0.1%
CO2 Recovery Rate to 5% <5 Minutes to 95% of Setpoint
Relative Humidity at 37ºC Up to 95%
Temperature Range Celsius Ambient +5ºC to 50ºC
Temperature Uniformity Celsius +/- 0.25ºC at 37ºC
Over Temperature Protoction Yes/No Yes
Temperature Alarm Yes/No Yes
CO2 Alarm Yes/No Yes
Number of Shelves Included 3

Can the SCO6AD CO2 incubators be stacked?

Yes, they can be stacked using a stacking stand. If you order two or more of the SCO6AD CO2 incubators, we will provide this stacking stand at no additional cost. Please contact us if you would like more information.


How is the chamber humidified?

The SCO6AD is humidified passively by filling the humidification pan included with the unit. The pan is then placed on the heated chamber floor. Evaporation, driven in part by heating, raises the relative humidity percentage (RH%) of the chamber. A copper token included with the pan helps to significantly slow the growth of microbiological populations in the humidification water supply.

Note that the incubator must be humidified in order to achieve its stated temperature uniformity specification.


Does the SCO6AD CO2 incubator have a fan or other forced air circulation system?

The SCO6AD uses an air pump for forced air circulation.


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