Friocell Incubators and Stability Chambers

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Manufacturer BMT USA
Country of manufacture Germany / Czech Republic
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BMT Incubators temperature control (heating and cooling) utilize a patented system of air circulation combined with a patented powerful cooling system situated inside the chamber. The patented thermodynamic spiral air flow ensures extremely tight temperature distribution within the working space. The computer-engineered air distribution plates ensure that the air flow is from the bottom up in a natural thermal spiral motion which results in optimum heating of materials and precise temperature regulation with minimum energy consumption. The unique cooling system together with a microprocessor control system offers a precise and economical solution while reducing the drying of samples.

Temperature Control Incubators & Stability Chambers (ICH Stability)
The Friocell Incubator allows for exact incubation processes. The unique cooling system ensures that samples are dried while cooling. Available in the following chamber sizes: 0.77 ft3 (22 liters), 1.94 ft3 (55 liters), 3.92 ft3 (111 liters), 7.84 ft3 (222 liters), 14.26 ft3 (404 liters), 24.97 ft3 (707 liters), 42.80 ft3 (1212 liters)

The high technical standard of the Friocell Incubator allows exact incubation processes while maintaining precise temperature control both for variation and deviation. The units have very short recovery times and together with fuzzy logic ensure there is no temperature overshoot during heating. The unique cooling system ensures that samples do not over dry. The units can be equipped with high performance lighting for growth and testing of products. Ideal for use in biological laboratories, plant science, cosmetics, and the food processing and chemical industries. Conforms to ICH Stability Q1A standards


  • Comfort Line microprocessor control system is standard
  • 304 stainless steel chamber
  • Working temperature from 0°C to 99.9°C
  • 5” of insulation for low heat radiation
  • Forced air flow for precise temperature distribution
  • Easy open door latching system
  • Attractive look and design
  • Removable air distribution plates (no tools required – easy cleaning)
  • Two internal wire shelves included
  • Digital security device type 3
  • Refrigerant: R314a, CFC free

      ECO Features include:

      • Ability to store 6 separate user-programmed cycles, 40 segments
      • Chip card system for individual program storage
      • Delayed start and stop function
      • Time range 0 – 16 years with 1 min. intervals
      • Digital safety thermostat class 3
      • Programmable temperature ramps
      • Heating sequences
      • Adjustable ventilation rate 10 to 100%
      • Acoustic and visual alarm

      High-tech EVO Line Features include:

      • 5.7 inch (14.5 cm) touch screen display
      • Microprocessor fuzzy logic process control
      • Intuitive control via colour icons
      • Graphic configuration of a new program
      • Transparent displaying of data course at the cycle
      • Protective thermostat class 3
      • Acoustic and visual alarm
      • Multi-level users administration (corresponding to FDA 21 Part 11)
      • Keyboard lock against unauthorised handling
      • Data encryption and non-manipulability (corresponding to FDA 21 Part 11)
      • Up to 100 programs and up to 100 segments for each program
      • Yearly data logger in graphic and numeric form
      • On-line or off-line data export
      • Prepared service programs for fast diagnostics of faults
      • Easy service diagnostics including remote access
      • Multi-language communication
      • Printing of protocols in PDF format via Warmcomm 4.0
      • Easy user configuration of the device
      • SD memory card, USB Host and RS 232 standardly included
      • WIFI connection, USB device or Ethernet interface with own IP address for remote data transfer, control and diagnostics (optional equipment)
      • Programming of ramps, real time and cycling
      • Fan setting 10–100%
      • Main ON/OFF switch for security reasons
      • Device state LED indicator
        Key Attributes
        Cu ft. 0.78, 1.9, 3.9, 7.8, 14.3, 25
        Max Temp 99.9°C
        Min Temp 0°C
        Temp Uniformity ± 0.5°C
        Interior Outlets No
        Alarms Yes
        Datalogging Capable Yes
        Warranty (years)  2yrs parts, 1 yr labor
        Site Benchtop, Floor
        Weight (lbs) 84, 218, 289, 373, 696


        Manufacturer Specifications 


        Do the Friocell Incubators have an internal power outlet or an access port?

        By default they have neither internal power nor an access port, however both are things which can be added to a Friocell incubator. If you are interested in either of these add-ons, please contact us for pricing.


        Are the Friocell incubators have UL certification?

        Yes, all of the Friocell incubators are UL listed.


        Is it possible to get a certificate of calibration and / or IQ / OQ / PQ documentation with a Friocell incubator?

        Yes. IQ / OQ protocols are available for an additional charge, as is a 9-point temperature verification which comes with a report. The 9-point verification is done in-house by BMT.


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