Climacell Environmental Chambers

Category Environmental Chambers
Manufacturer BMT USA
Country of manufacture Germany / Czech Republic

The CLIMACELL® was specifically developed for exact standards in reproducing environmental conditions with a temperature range from 0°C – 100°C (ECO: -10°C up to 100°C, EVO -20°C up to 100°C optional). Controllable Humidity from 10 – 95% in 1% increments. Applications include, stability testing, packaging, food or chemicals, pharmaceutical stability and ICH, seed germination studies, plant cell or tissue cultures and insect cultures. The Climacell offers an alternative to expensive testing chambers and testing rooms. The Fuzzy logic microprocessor allows for controllable levels of humidity. When equipped with a VIS or UV lighting system uniformity parameters for test and growth conditions is exceptional.


  • Inner volume: 111, 222, 404, 707 and 1212 liters
  • Working temperature: From 0°C up to 100°C (without humidity); from 10°C to 95.0°C (with humidity)
  • Refrigerant: R134(R449a
  • Medium for humidity development: demi water
  • Humidity range: 10%-95% RH
  • Microprocessor-controlled system of humidification/dehumidification
  • Inner glass door
  • Inner chamber: Stainless steel DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304)Patented forced convection air system for precise uniformity achieved with vertical & horizontal air flow

    ECO Line Features:

    • Intuitive control
    • Microprocessor controller enabled with Fuzzy
    • logic algorithm
    • Multi-language communication includes: English –
    • French - Spanish
    • Acoustic and visual alarm
    • LED indicator of device functions
    • LCD display - 3 inches (7.6 cm)
    • FSTN display, using COG technology
    • Adjustable display contrast depending on device placement
    • Exceptionally wide-angle vision
    • Large display is visible at a distance
    • Display of conditions (ex. temperature, humidity) during operation are enlarged for easy viewing
    • Soft-Touch keyboard surface
    • Mechanical key response
    • Symbols integrated directly in the keyboard
    • Keyboard can be locked against unauthorized access
    • Real time programming and cycling
    • Integrated datalogger for temperature and relative humidity measurement & recording, exportable via USB
    • Optional – Ramping to set the rate of temperature change 

      EVO Line Features:

      • Intuitive control
      • Microprocessor process control w/Fuzzy logic
      • Multi-lingual communication includes: English – French - Spanish
      • Acoustic and visual alarm
      • LED indicator of device functionality
      • LCD display – 5.7 inches (14.5 cm)
      • Graphic displaying of a new program
      • Color touch screen with icons navigation
      • Touch display password protected from unauthorized
      • Multi-level administrator control (corresponding to FDA 21 Part 11)
      • Data coding to protect the data (according to FDA 21 Part 11)
      • Up to 100 programs and up to 100 segments for each program
      • Programming of temperature ramps, real time and cycling
      • Annual data recording in graphic and numeric form
      • Data export in online and offline mode
      • Pre-set service program diagnostics
      • Easy service diagnostics including remote access
      • SD memory card, USB Host and RS 232
      • Connection: WiFi, USB Device or Ethernet interface with proper IP address for remote data transfer, control and diagnostics - optional
          Key Attributes
          Cu ft. 3.92, 7.84, 14.27, 24.97, 42.8
          Max Temp 99.9°C
          Min Temp Ambient -10°C
          Temp Uniformity ± 0.5°C to 1.5°C
          Interior Outlets No
          Alarms Yes
          Datalogging Capable Yes
          Warranty (years)  2yrs parts, 1 yr labor
          Site Floor
          Weight (lbs) 242 to 617


          Manufacturer Specifications

          Note: All technical data is related to 22°C ambient temperature and +/ - 10% voltage swing (if specified). For other parameters see section: Electrical connections. Temperature & humidity variation occur in the case of consistent air flow during operation. No more than 50% of the shelf should be filled in order to facilitate uniform air circulation in the chamber


          Do I need a water line to connect the Climacell to?

          A direct water line connection is optional. It has a built-in reservoir that can be hand-filled, or you can connect a water supply to the steam generator via an included barbed fitting. If you are connecting a water supply, the line pressure must be less than 10 psi.

          Note that any water used in the Climacell should be RO or DI water, with conductivity between 15 - 25 µS. Ultra-pure water cannot be used or it will cause corrosion. Tap water also should not be used as it may cause deposits of impurities to build up.


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