CO2 Incubators

Congratulations! You've graduated beyond microbial culture!

We have a wide range of CO2 incubators for any tissue culture application.

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    Smallest footprint for applications requiring CO2 gas control. Ambient -10°C to 55°C
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    $4,409 USD   from   $3,748 USD
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    IR sensor, heated doors, alarms, glass viewing door, up to 60ºC, CO2 Range 0-20%, stackable
    $5,990 USD   from   $5,320 USD
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    Fan-less heating, decontamination cycle, Up to 60°C, 1.71 or 6.71 cu ft., O2 control option
    $11,598 USD   from   $10,439 USD
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    Six side heating for excellent uniformity, Integral MAGic Clamp shaker, with dual beam IR sensor
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    $10,690 USD   from   $9,088 USD